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Inclusion and Workplace Harassment

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In an ever-evolving world of work, diversity and inclusion are essential pillars of success for businesses and organizations. 

As a consultant, speaker, and trainer specialized in inclusion, and the management of psychosocial risks and workplace harassment, I bring my expertise to help individuals and organisations nurture safer and more equitable work environments, and to proactively and constructively manage various forms of workplace harassment.

I offer professional and confidential listening and tailored advice, whispering in the ears of CEOs, HR managers, or employees as needed.

I bridge individual well-being to organizational performance, Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR), and ESG (Environmental, Social, Governance) criteria.

By collaborating with me, you’ll have access to tools, tailored made services and a network of vetted experts to assist you in developing and implementing a strategy tailored to your specific needs and goals, including:

  • Personalized consultations
  • Inclusion assessment and strategy
  • Harassment management and mediation
  • Awareness workshops
  • Professional training in investigation Techniques
  • Lecture and panel moderation


Joëlle Payom: Experte Inclusion & Harcèlement - Genève


Rezalliance is a non-profit organization based in Geneva, consisting of an association and a consulting structure for workplace organizations. Its mission is to raise awareness about the issue of harassment and discrimination in all forms, promote a constructive and pragmatic approach to strengthen inclusion in the world of work, and preserve the integrity of individuals regardless of their differences. Rezalliance brings together a network of multidisciplinary experts to provide a systemic response to a systemic problem.

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Joëlle Payom: Experte Inclusion & Harcèlement - Genève

REZ-CARE.COM is a unique tool for the prevention, detection, and support of harassment situations, serving both employees and employers:

1️⃣ A secure space for listening to and supporting affected individuals.

2️⃣ Access to a range of turnkey services to develop healthy and equitable work environments.

Subscribing to REZ-CARE.COM means joining a network of committed companies for an inclusive world of work and benefiting from a progressive and transparent certification system that enhances the trust of all internal and external stakeholders within the organization.

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Joëlle Payom: Experte Inclusion & Harcèlement - Genève

A Day against harassment

The International Day against harassment and for Inclusion in the world of work is celebrated every May 24th and aims to organize a global awareness campaign.

The day is structured around several webinars and an on-site panel discussion that takes place in a different country each year.

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Joëlle Payom: Experte Inclusion & Harcèlement - Genève


Rezalliance podcast explores the notion of inclusion from all angles, aiming to inform, raise awareness, and provide tools to understand a concept that is too complex to be approached from a single perspective. Inclusion is a multidimensional concept with many facets, which provides a wide range of topics to explore in order to grasp its full depth and power.

Discussing inclusion is, above all, an exploration of the notion of humanity in its noblest sense.

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Joëlle Payom: Experte Inclusion & Harcèlement - Genève
Joëlle Payom: Experte Inclusion & Harcèlement - Genève

References – Clients

Few people embody kindness and respect for others as well as Joelle and Sebastien, and we had the chance to meet them. We had identified issues of sexual harassment and racism within our organization with strong psychosocial risks. We were looking for a training provider capable of delivering theoretical information enriched with practical scenarios to have a real impact on our employees. Our stated objectives: beyond fulfilling our prevention obligation, ensuring that employees remember the training and transition from passive witnesses to active witnesses. It seemed necessary to us to train all our employees, whether they were on permanent contracts or temporary contracts.

All the providers we contacted offered a one-day, 7-hour training, with exclusively theoretical content delivered by a psychologist in the form of a lecture.

Only REZALLIANCE was able to meet all our expectations by offering: a customized training action in a short format, co-construction with future trainees, HR, and Joelle, concrete cases related to our activity, and the creation of role-playing scenarios with Joelle and Sebastien.

We were also supported in internal communication before and after the training. The success of the training sessions was such that some employees asked when their turn would come. The objective has therefore been widely achieved, and we will take advantage of the feedback from these sessions with Joelle and Sebastien to improve the next ones.

The advantages of REZALLIANCE lie in their adaptability, high professionalism, and the availability of the REZ-CARE platform for listening and support if employees need it. REZALLIANCE is a real asset in the prevention of psychosocial risks.

Virginie D. – Human Resources Director

Graduate Institute – Geneva / IHEID: Graduate Institute of International and Development Studies

We initially contacted Joëlle for workshops on sexual consent that we wanted to implement at the Graduate Institute of International and Development Studies in Geneva.

Our goal was to make it mandatory for everyone and create a culture of consent where everyone feels welcomed, comfortable, with the appropriate support mechanisms to address any uncomfortable situations that may arise.

Joëlle was able to assist us; she was responsive, motivated, and very understanding. We were looking for someone who had a deep understanding of the subject, was receptive to our needs, and knew how to communicate effectively with young people, and she managed to meet all our expectations by sharing in advance what she had prepared, taking our feedback into account, and adapting the content to make it accessible to the different target groups. Joëlle stands out particularly for her great availability, responsiveness, progressive mindset, her ability to deliver what was requested, and her presence, which is both soothing and strong.”

Birsu Karaarslan – Female student Association  Project Lead

« La diversité est un fait ».

“Diversity is a fact. Inclusion is a choice.”

A big thank you to Joëlle Payom for dedicating an hour of your time (not counting the preparation!) to raise awareness among #UBS employees about harassment and discrimination issues.

Your insights into the causes, manifestations, and challenges of these problems are a first step for each of us to be able to identify such situations (which is sometimes not so obvious!) and openly discuss them (certainly even less obvious!)

Understanding the mechanisms of different forms of harassment & discrimination indeed helps promote inclusion in the workplace.

Patricia Logoz – UBS

References – Recommandations

Coach de prise de parole en public | Créateur d’ateliers de mise en situation pour les entreprises

Joëlle possesses a work ethic, perseverance, and selflessness that I have very rarely encountered in my life. To conceive, develop, and then realize a project like Rezalliance, and subsequently the International Day Against Harassment and for Inclusion in the World of Work, is really not within everyone’s reach, yet Joëlle achieved it in just three years. Of course, this came at the cost of many sacrifices and countless sleepless nights. I loved facilitating awareness workshops on workplace harassment with her because Joëlle is truly an attentive person, open to feedback of all kinds, a rare quality indeed. Joëlle’s primary strength lies in her natural ability to simultaneously manage highly ambitious projects.

Purpose driven People & Culture leader | Board Chair | Organization transformation | Innovator | Superconnector | Multicultural DE&I leader –

I met Joëlle about 5 years ago. What struck me immediately is that she was not going to stand for half-solutions. She has a remarkable ability to identify issues, call them out and hold leadership to account to resolve them. She is however equally able to work with the leaders to support the transformation they want to implement.
I have been very impressed by the energy, drive, perseverance, and abnegation she has demonstrated to bring Rezalliance to life and initiate the International Day against harassment and for inclusion in the world of work, which no doubt will gain universal adoption over time.
I can wholeheartedly recommended Joëlle to anyone who wants to promote an inclusive culture at work.

Career growth partner: Certified Career Coach / Career assessment consultant/Sourcing & RecruitmentCareer growth partner

I met Joëlle through a women’s mentoring program, and it was during a lunch that she planted the seeds in me that have led me to collaborate with her at Rezalliance today. Planting the seeds of reflection and new possibilities is one of Joëlle’s many talents. And far from just staying at the idea stage, she demonstrates an unwavering vision and determination to implement and realize them! She excels at connecting people and getting them on board, in a positive spirit, and truly embodying the proverb that says, “Alone, we go faster; together, we go further.”

Chef de projet senior / Psychologue Sociale

I know Joëlle through the REZALLIANCE journey, and these years of collaboration have allowed me to see how conscientious and rigorous Joëlle is in her work. She handles projects with a great deal of professionalism. I also enjoyed our collaboration for her human qualities. Joëlle is a good listener, and she brings people together with a very helpful advisory approach. Her high-quality work combines a keen analytical mind and great creativity, enabling her to propose innovative and effective solutions. I have learned a lot from Joëlle.


Joëlle Payom: Experte Inclusion & Harcèlement - Genève
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Joëlle Payom: Experte Inclusion & Harcèlement - Genève

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